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This user is no longer active on Wikipedia as of December 2015.
Inactive due to real life
— None, not a very huge contributor, likely Autistic  —
Born February 1, 1990 (Age 26)
Grantville, San Diego, California
Name in real life John Thomas Harpster
Nationality American, Irish
Country  United States
Current location California
Languages American English, Plain English
Time zone Pacific Time
Current time Current time for UTC-8 is 05:26
Race Human, White
Weight 250 lb.
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Sexuality Male
Family and friends
Marital status See my Facebook page
Spouse Not married
Girlfriend None
Boyfriend None
Children None
Siblings Nana
Pets One cat
Education and employment
Occupation None
Employer None
Education Homeschooling
Primary school None
Intermediate school None
High school None
College None
University None
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Hobbies Photography, Education, Video games, Writing
Religion Christian
Politics Independent, Libertarianism, Conservatism
Aliases John John, jj98jj
Movies The Matrix, Jaws, Pulp Fiction, Various
Books Various
Contact info
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Account statistics
Joined 6 July 2010
First edit July 7, 2010
Administrator None, do not wish to be one
Edit count 149,000 [1]
Permissions No, only an auto autopatroller
This user stands against advertisements on Wikipedia.
Not Admin.svg This editor is not an administrator and does not wish to be one.
Wikipedia-logo BW-hires.svg This editor has decided to leave Wikipedia.
Bias Pio-Clementino Inv279.jpg This user believes that all editors have bias when seeking WP:NPOV.
WP Conservatism.png Wikipedia should attempt to achieve neutrality,
Not advance the bias of sources.
Unbalanced scales.svg
This user recognizes that many articles on Wikipedia have liberal bias and understand that other editors may attempt to protect that bias, even if it is against the pillar neutrality.

Facts about me
States that I've visted
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John is my real name. I'm no longer active on the English Wikipedia. John was born from San Diego. My mother's user name is Sablewing. My dad taught me how to do education and learn English better as a second language. My main purpose is educational and hobbies. I'm not that social. I'm not an administrator and I do not wish to be one.

Sometimes it isn't anymore.


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