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Hey, my name is Anastasija, I'm a 23-year-old Latvian Wikipedia editor. I spent most of my youth in Riga and later lived in Brno, before moving to Stockholm in 2014. In my childhood, I also lived in New York City for a period of time, and lived there for a year once again as an adult. Currently, I reside in Uppsala where I'm studying to become a speech-language pathologist. My father is Latvian while my mother is Czech.

I've been a Eurovision fan since Latvia debuted in the contest, but in 2014 I became a superfan and began watching each country's national finals in addition to editing articles related to it on Wikipedia. I mainly started editing Wikipedia because I wanted to look up information on each of the acts and was frustrated that some of the articles were very basic and had limited information, which is why I tend to make my articles very professional-looking and detailed.

Language learning is also something I'm very passionate about. I was raised speaking both Latvian and Czech. I attended international schools growing up and thus consider English to be sort of a third native language to me. I later studied Russian and French in school as well. Before moving to Sweden, I picked up Swedish, and as a Czech I can also speak Slovak at a near-fluent level. Unfortunately, speaking many languages comes with a price and my Latvian and Russian skills have been deteriorating since I left Latvia, however I'm doing all I can to regain knowledge due to my plan to return to Latvia after my graduation. I'm very fascinated with the Finnish, Estonian, and Hungarian languages, and I hope to be able to learn at least one of them in my lifetime.

What I'm Working On[edit]

At the moment I'm working on random stuff until Miss World 2016 and Miss Universe 2016 roll around.

Places I've Been[edit]

Travelling is a very important part of my life and I've visited many places in my 23 years of living.


Currently, I'm planning trips to Georgia, Ukraine, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia.

American States[edit]

Since I was a child, me and my family have been on vacations to the United States, and even though I haven't been to many states I'd still love to see more (particularly the Frontier states). I consider the United States to be a second Europe, to a degree, with each state having their own dialect, culture, and traditions. It interests me a lot.

List of Articles I've Created[edit]

Awards and Achievements[edit]

Project Eurovision Cup.png Project Eurovision Cup
Winner of the first ever WikiProject Eurovision Cup with 108 points.