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I am a photographer based in Australia. I have contributed several hundred high-quality photos to Wikipedia and am one of the most featured photographers on the project. My images have been reproduced in publications around the world.

My images are published on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects under the GFDL license. If you want less restrictive terms for reproduction of my images off the Wikimedia projects please contact me for details. As well as the alternative licensing I will often be able to provide images at higher resolution or quality settings if required, or may have related images that I have not made available to Wikipedia.

You can leave a message on my talk page, but as I am now only occasionally active on Wikipedia you will probably get a quicker and more personal response by sending me an email through this link: Special:EmailUser/Jjron.

jjron's Image Gallery[edit]

You can view a gallery of my image contributions in my image Gallery. I have my Gallery divided into a number of subpages which you can access from the Gallery mainpage or from here:

My Featured Pictures[edit]

  • I have had thirty-three of my photos promoted to a Featured Picture on English Wikipedia. I have additionally had many images featured on foreign language Wikipedias and Wikimedia Commons. I have also edited, uploaded, or nominated over thirty other Featured Pictures. My own Featured Pictures are displayed below:

Valued Pictures[edit]

  • I additionally had three of my photos promoted in the short-lived Valued Picture project. They are displayed below:


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