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Hi! I'm Harpreet Rajvender, a 28-year old karateka of JJS Karate Dojo and Negros Occidental Karatedo Federation located at Jack and Jill School in the Philippines. My contributions that survived to Wikipedia standard include articles on Philippine-related topic Martial Arts-related content, some Negrense schools and some landmarks and places in Negros Occidental province.
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I am a black belt in shotokan and Wado-ryu karate. After nearly a decade of practicing the art under sensei Randy Mengullo and sensei Elan Delfin.

Educational background: [edit]

Level School Location Duration
Primary Jack and Jill School Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Secondary Castleson High
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
College West Negros University
Bachelor of Arts
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

My contributions[edit]

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My mind is p®e-occupied with Martial Arts.

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Failed contributions[edit]

Seth Jego BalibalosTemplate:Dojo • sensei Elan Delfin

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-- M y -- K a ® a t e 空手 -- S e n s e i 先生--[edit]

Sir Randy
Randy Mengullo

Sensei Randy Mengullo (born and raised in Bacolod City, province of Negros Occidental) is a 3rd dan Black Belt in Shotokan and Wado-ryu karate-do (空手道) from the Philippines. A recognized instructor of Philippine Karatedo Federation[1] and the official trainer/coach in the Visayas[2][3] during the 2nd Philippine Olympic Festival National Championship in Manila. His team won medals in PKF National Championship series, the Batang Pinoy, Philippine National Youth Games, Philippine Sports Commission tournaments and other athletic meet of different schools and karate organization in the country.[4][5]

Coach / trainer profile[edit]

Sensei Randy, is the head coach of Jack and Jill School Karatedo team[6]bannered the Negros Occidental Karatedo Federation in many out of town tournaments, triumphed in the age group kumite and kata in the 2nd Philippine Olympic Festival Visayas Championship in Iloilo City which boosted the team as overall champion in karatedo event but settled for two silver and two bronze medals in the POF national finals in ULTRA, Pasig City. He participated Philippine Karatedo Federation National Championships held in Laguna, Manila, Iloilo, Cebu City and Negros Occidental and snatched medals in kumite and kata events in the age group, cadet and junior divisions.[7][8]

Karate Playground Demonstration at Panaad Staduim trained by sensei Randy Mengullo

Sensei Randy bagged the 2008 NOPSSCEA karatedo championship tittle.[9] He boosted Jack & Jill School's bid after claiming 12 golds in the elementary boys and girls division in kata and kumite events and 9 golds in the in the 3rd UMA-ONEBA Presidential Cup Karatedo Competition and additional 11 golds in the Mayor Evelio Leonardia Cup children’s division.[10]

Personal life[edit]

Sir Randy Mengullo is a faculty member of Jack and Jill School in Homesite and the chief instructor of JJS Karate Dojo in Bacolod City[11]He organized a sport program of karatedo training in JJS/Castleson High during the school year of 1994 as a sports and include the karate training program for all students as a whole year activity and regular subject included in the school curriculum integrated in Physical Education class.[12] Sensei Randy is an active officer and founding member of NOKAF and Union of Martial Arts Organization of Negros and Bacolod, assigned as the PKF-Visayas coordinator for school affairs and a recognized instructor of Milo Summer Karatedo Sports Clinic in the Philippines.[13][14]

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