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My Favorite Vandalism: Clock (May 1, 2011)
The clock was silent before 1939, when the clocks had a tick added to them to emphasise the seconds.

FYI: It seems incredible that as of Saturday Apr 22, 2017 there are 5,390,004 articles, 41,984,519 pages and 845,491 files being worked on and discussed by 30,758,650 users and 1,264 admins on the English Wikipedia.

Under construction: I will identify more of my activites and elaborate their descriptions as my inclination and time permits.

My name is John Harvey, aka Wizened Web Wizard Wannabe Talk to me!. Like most people, my life has included an assortment of seemingly unrelated activities. I would like to believe that there has been some underlying theme.

Birthright Quaker[edit]

Quaker star-T.svg This user is a Quaker.

I am a birthright Quaker and active in Fayetteville Monthly Meeting in northwest Arkansas.

After getting married, one of my aunts gave us a typewritten copy of my Harvey family tree which traced my Quaker roots back ten generations. My immigrant ancester, William Harvey (1678-1754), moved to Pennsylvania in 1712 where he attended Kennett Meeting. Sometimes, my wife jokingly accuses me of marrying her under false pretences by not revealing the extent of my Quaker background.

Since my Quakerism grew from the time of my birth, my perceptions depend a great deal on what kind of Quakers my parents were. This is both an advantage and disadvantage. "Convinced Quakers", "Convicted Quakers" and "Realized Quakers" have the advantage of looking at their Quakerism through new eyes.

Wizened Web Wizard Wannabe (and retired Computer Geek)[edit]

I started programming in 1965. My native computer language was FORTRAN 2. I retired on Dec 31, 1999, just before Y2K.

BTW If you believe that wizened has something to do with being wise, please don't look it up.

Amateur Educationist[edit]

As an amateur educationist, I am spearheading the formation of a local public education foundation in Lincoln, AR, my adopted hometown.

Lincoln Public Education Foundation[edit]

The stated purpose of the foundation is to enhance the quality of education in the Lincoln Public Schools by procuring and providing the necessary funds for worthwhile programs and to recognize and reward the achievements of students, faculty, staff, parents, and others providing contributions to the school district.

Motto: Planting seeds for our children's future.

Objective: The Lincoln Public Education Foundation will provide funds that will enhance the education provided to students by Lincoln schools which will enable them to successfully meet their full potential and thrive in an ever-changing world.


Charles Sanders Peirce theb3558.jpg This user and C. S. Peirce have the fixed belief that Pragmaticism is a better Pragmatism.
In October 2006, I learned that Albert Upton, the teacher who had the most profound effect on my thinking skills, derived his teaching ideas indirectly from the pragmaticism of Charles Peirce.

Upton's book Design for Thinking, A First Book in Semantics is based on The Meaning of Meaning by Charles Kay Ogden and I. A. Richards. Ogden was influenced by Charles Peirce through Lady Victoria Welby

Jan 31 2007: Because my focus is on how to teach higher order thinking skills to children, I'm not sure that Pragmaticist is the right term for me. I am immersing myself in Peircean writings and expect to make this statement more definitive in the near future.