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LaTeX to Wikicode translation tool[edit]

LaTeX to Wikicode is a web-based translator I wrote with code contributions from Oleg Alexandrov. This is an outgrowth of his PlanetMath translation tool.

The translation is not perfect and some hand editing is needed. Section headings and citations are translated, but crossreferences, tables, and figures are omitted in the translation. Some LaTeX commands that Wikicode does not support are also omitted, but all other LaTeX math commands stay. As a result, Wikipedia rendering will choke on more exotic LaTeX commands as well as on any user defined macros.

The translator will now emit \textstyle for inline formulas. This can be changed by setting a switch in the source, as can be some other things. If you want to change anything, the simplest is to run the script from the command line (a switch needs to be set for that, too). Integrating into a web form is more tricky. You can grab the Perl libraries from the PlanetMath translation tool by Oleg Alexandrov and the HTML file from where the web tool is and put on your own website but I cannot support this and your mileage may vary.