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Slogan All you fear is here!
Location Shakopee, Minnesota, United States
Coordinates 44°47′48″N 93°27′01″W / 44.79673°N 93.45014°W / 44.79673; -93.45014Coordinates: 44°47′48″N 93°27′01″W / 44.79673°N 93.45014°W / 44.79673; -93.45014
Owner Cedar Fair Entertainment Company
General Manager Dave Frazier
Opened May 25, 1976 (1976-05-25)
Operating season Weekends September through October
Area 125 acres (0.51 km2)
(0.5 km²)
Total 43
Roller coasters 7
Aerial view of Valleyfair

ValleySCARE, sometimes stylized ValleySCARE!, is a Halloween event put on by Valleyfair that started in 2006. Originally, Valleyfair operated HalloWeekends until 2000 and changed the name after it reinstated the event with more theming and haunted areas. Planet Spooky is open during the day time, and features a number of activities and rides the whole family can enjoy. After the sun sets, The Haunt takes over the park with haunted houses, scary mazes, and tons of undead entertainment.

Current attractions[edit]

Planet Spooky[edit]

Attraction Type Opened Location
Abnormal Alley Scare Zone 2012 Planet Snoopy

Haunt at ValleySCARE![edit]


The Haunt at ValleySCARE first opened in 2006 with five different attractions: CarnEVIL in 3D, Manglers Asylum, Chateau Du Damné, Carnage at Crimson Isle, and Bloodcreek Cemetary. The Haunt was expanded in 2007 with one more scare zone named Hellside Farm. In 2008, Halloween Haunt at ValleysSCARE expanded again with the addition of the indoor maze Mr. Cleaver's Bloodshed, a slaughterhouse themed attraction located in the 2nd games warehouse behind Cool & Creamy. Along with Mr. Cleaver's Bloodshed, Hellside Farm received a major upgrade, and Chateau Du Damne received a new ending. For the 2009 Haunt, Hellside Farm was moved to the Amphitheater Backlot, CarnEVIL received a slight upgrade which consisted of 3 new rooms, Chateau Du Damné added a new torture room scene, Mr. Cleaver's Bloodshed added a number of new rooms and hallways, and Carnage at Crimson Isle received a whole new layout and maze design. In addition to the various maze modifications, Fangs and the Mick Mangler's Madness and Mayhem Show were added to the Live Entertainment lineup. All mazes received upgrades in 2010. CarnEVIL's ending was rethemed, Chateau Du Damné received many new rooms and changes, Hellside's layout was redesigned lengthened a bit for a more claustrophobic feeling, and Mr. Cleaver's Bloodshed layout was switched up and included a brand new scare never before seen at ValleySCARE. With the addition of Planet Snoopy in 2011, Blood Creek Cemetery was moved closer to the Front Gate with a very different layout, Festival of Freaks took over the nightlife of Planet Spooky, and Camp Wekilou was added in the picnic cove as an outdoor maze. Also, Ritual of Fire was replaced with Blood Drums in the Live Entertainment lineup. In 2012, Festival of Freaks was re-themed as Abnormal Alley and given a more claustrophobic feeling, Camp Wekilou was given a new layout to shorten the maze a bit, Hacks! replaced Fangs at the Galaxy Theater, and Creature Club took over the night life down in Challenge Park.

Haunted Attractions[edit]

Attraction Type Opened Location
Abnormal Alley Scare Zone 2012 Planet Snoopy
Blood Creek Cemetery Scare Zone 2006 Walkway near Monster
Camp Wekilou Maze 2011 Picnic Cove
Carnage at Crimson Isle Maze 2006 Plaza Patio near Imax
Carnevil in 3D Maze 2006 Midway Games
Chateau du Damne Maze 2006 Arcade
Hellside Farm Maze 2007 South train station
Mangler Asylum Maze 2006 Bumper Cars
Mr. Cleavers Bloodshed Maze 2008 Near Mad Mouse

Undead Entertainment[edit]

Attraction Day/Night Opened Location
Blood Drums Night 2011 Gazebo Stage near Galaxy
Bonez Night 2011 Stadium Pizza and Grill
Creature Club Night 2012 Challenge Park Clubhouse
Frogwarts Day 2006 Galaxy Theater
Hacks! Night 2012 Galaxy Theater