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Sports Ticket Derivatives[edit]

A sports ticket derivative is a type of futures contract specifically for sports tickets. Typical terms of a ticket future contract stipulate that a ticket to a specific game (typically a championship game, such as Super Bowl or World Series) is awarded to the holder of the contract, contingent on a specific team making it to that event. Ticket futures were first offered by yoonew in 2004, under the title of Team Fantasy Seats[1].


Sports ticket futures were first offered in 2004 by yoonew. They came in the form of Team Fantasy Seats which allowed investors and fans to buy a contract for a Super Bowl or NCAA Final Four ticket contingent on a specific team reaching the event.

How it works[edit]

For example, you could purchase a Team Fantasy Seat for the New York Giants at a market-based price[2]. If the Giants make it to the Super Bowl, the holder of the contract receives a Super Bowl ticket at no additional cost.

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