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User:Joaopais/History of Portugal is a list of Portuguese History-related articles. It was created to keep track of History pages related to Portugal including dates, people, events, periods, etc. You may freely update it to reflect new articles, or add links to articles that ought to be created.

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From Joaopais's recent edits:


Hi, my name is João and I'm from Portugal. I joined Wikipedia on 17 August 2004 and my first edit was on the article Portugal. I'm happy that my first edit was on a country that I am very proud to live, but I only realised that my first one was on Portugal almost two years after. Also of note, is that the second article I've edited was on a Portuguese clown: Batatinha! My major fields are History of Portugal and Portuguese politics, and to a minor degree, Portuguese football. I have an extensive work in three articles: John III of Portugal, History of Portugal (1578-1777) and History of Portugal (1777-1834). I'm also the founder of The Portugal Portal and a minor contributer, since I only sporadically update the news. You can also see my work in the ongoing process of creation/improving of the articles of Portuguese royal family members, and also in the templates on the four Portuguese dynasties: Template:House of Burgundy, Template:House of Aviz, Template:House of Habsburg and Template:House of Braganza. Regarding lists, I've been quite active in the promotion of List of Presidents of Portugal and List of Portuguese monarchs to featured status, and I'm currently working on List of Prime Ministers of Portugal. I was also a (incredibly) minor editor in the also featured List of municipalities of Portugal. In the end, I'd like to say I consider myself a little IPA-pronunciations-maniac, since every article that seems Portuguese to me immediately receives an IPA pronunciation.

Here's a list of my edits:

Currently working on...[edit]

I hereby give you our national barnstar of merit for all your outstanding work on Portuguese articles. Nunca pares.--Saoshyant 22:54, 9 December 2006 (UTC)
A barnstar for your fantastic and very detailed WW1 and WW2 maps! Astrokey 06:07, 20 May 2006 (UTC)

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