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These notes refer to a general clean up of the Manufacturing section of Wikipedia, on a navigation and structure level. The category tag structure is 'Fundamental / Culture / Technology / Manufacturing', so is quite high in the chain. I suggest a clean up of both the Articles, by adding better navigation, and the category structure, which would include the contents of the Technology tag.

I believe a 'signpost' article on Manufacturing, like the one below, should be added. The structure given in this article should then form the structure of categories and articles from that point onwards. This would need a great deal of agreement, or at least discussion. As I am new to this would it be better to produce a Project to cover this?

Initially, I would expect the changes to cover the navigation / categories with very little change to the articles. Secondly, many articles contain references to missing pages that should be created (as stubs) or the link format removed. The third step would be to change the articles.

I am willing to help, but have limited time and am a novice here. I do have a lot of experience in Manufacturing.

Manufacturing, overview

Manufacturing is the transformation of raw materials into finished goods for sale. This overview explains the scope of the main article.


  • The economics and commercial management of a manufacturing company is covered in Business.
  • The classification of those Businesses is covered in Industry.
  • The economic decisions taken within this activity is covered in Production.
  • The law as applied to businesses in covered in Commercial Law.
  • The political impact of the development of industry is covered in Political economy.

History and Development[edit]


The main article covers the elements that make up a manufacturing facility. This includes general management relating to it's performance.