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I'm Joseph N. Hall.

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I'm the author of Effective Perl Programming.

I was also known in the mid 1970s as a child prodigy and a survivor of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area. In the past, I've lived in Fairbanks, Alaska, Chandler, Arizona (near Phoenix), the Philadelphia area, Nashville, the Research Triangle area, and the Appalachian Mountains in northwestern North Carolina. I've experienced temperatures of 122 degrees Fahrenheit in Chandler and minus 55 Fahrenheit in Fairbanks - a 177 degree range!

Notes from the "Child Prodigy" Period[edit]

Warning: vanity in this section. I was known as "Joe Hall" in my childhood.


I was the youngest person ever to attend NCSA at the time, and the first person ever to attend both NCSA and NCSSM. At 14, I was the second youngest student in my class at NCSSM - Kirsten (Beitz) Moss (also 14 years) was the youngest, by two months.

I had a great bunch of classmates at Clarion, including Geoffrey Landis, Mary Turzillo, Bill Shunn, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Robert J. Howe, Martha Soukup, Kim Fryer, and Resa Nelson. Kim was working at Addison-Wesley when I proposed Effective Perl Programming and was my first editor there.


I am a senior software engineer working for a company in Palo Alto.

I am also a photographer. Auroras are my favorite subject.

Photographs I Have Contributed to Wikipedia[edit]

I have contributed a number of medium-resolution versions of my photographs to Wikipedia, and plan to contribute more as time allows.

Light pillars from uncovered work lights above University of Alaska Fairbanks
Complex system of lunar ice halos
Sunbow over Kluane Range seen from Alcan Highway near Haines Junction, YT
Ice fog over Fairbanks - temperature approx. minus 30F
Midday during winter solstice in Fairbanks


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