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The Wikipedia user, joeblakesley, goes by the (slightly more) mundane name of Joe Llywelyn Griffith Blakesley (initials: J Ll G B).

About me[edit]

I currently live in the village of Llysfaen in the idyllic countryside of North Wales, UK (having moved from the nearby town of Colwyn Bay in early 2008), and am a member of the village's community council representing the Peulwys ward.

I was born on 1985-10-03 in Tower Hamlets, London. For the arithmetically disadvantaged, that makes me 23 (last time I updated this). Since moving from London at age 6, I have, except for staying in halls at nearby Bangor University (where I studied but failed to complete a linguistics degree), resided in what is now the county borough of Conwy in North Wales, having been brought up in nearby Old Colwyn and Craig-y-Don, Llandudno.

At the moment, I'm a teaching student at Coleg Llandrillo Cymru (where I previously gained my International Baccalaureate Diploma among other qualifications and am involved with the students' union) and am doing work experience as a classroom assistant in Ysgol Tan-y-Marian. I'm also involved in a number of volunteering and campaigning organisations locally.

I should declare that my political allegiances lie with the Green Party of England and Wales for whom I have stood as a candidate on a few occassions and that I am currently on the executive of Wales Green Party. I'm also involved with the National Union of Students (United Kingdom), as a further education officer on the NUS Wales executive and an NUS Council member.

I'm a bit of a polymath, but I'm probably mostly involved with environmentalism in my spare time. I also use free software (almost exclusively), am for reforming our antiquated copyright system into something more logical and believe in the importance of accumulating knowledge (and the power of information); hence my originally helping out at Wikipedia.

I've been on a not too stringent (mostly) self-enforced wikibreak this year (2008) as I've found it too easy to wile away time on here in the past. I've been here several years and have edited from time to time in dribs and drabs. See my contributions. I'd like to edit more in the future when I'm less busy.

I've also made some extremely feeble attempts to edit on the Welsh Wicipedia (see my user page there). Although I'm of Welsh descent I never learnt it as a first language and I'm very bad at learning new languages (though I'm trying now).

My contact details, geek code and userboxen follow for those interested.

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Contact Details[edit]


If you want to contact me privately or relatively quickly, you are best using my WWW email form here (or emailing me in the old-fashioned way, see below).

For future reference, my PURL, , should always redirect to a WWW contact page for me—currently this one.

If you need to contact me regarding Wikipedia (or other Wikimedia projects), preferably edit User talk: joeblakesley (NB: this is publicly accessible). Try to avoid using this for other stuff.

I have my own domain name,, but I don't have a website up yet so it just redirects to this contact information.


  • IRC:
  • XMPP: blakesley "AT" (preferably not for mail)
  • AIM: JoeBlakesley
  • ICQ: 117364271
  • MSN/WLM: (not for mail)
  • Yahoo: joeblakesley (or cool_badger_UK)


You may also send me mail. Obviously, you need to remove four words from that email address that have been added as an anti-spam measure. You can also use a form on this site to email me.

Social networking Web sites[edit]


Send letters, explosive packages, &c to:

Flat 3
57 Prince's Drive
LL29 8PW


If you need to speak to me on the phone, email me and I will tell you my phone number.

(For urgent stuff, my mobile phone is tel:+44-7789142383, but I prefer using a landline.)

Geo co-ordinates[edit]

Send ICBMs &c to:

British national grid reference system

  • OS full grid reference
    OS 6-fig area grid reference
    OS 10-fig area grid reference

PGP/GPG Key[edit]

Where necessary, please encrypt messages sent to me using the following key:

------BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.6 (GNU/Linux)

mQGiBEdcG4gRBADKQzIfTQte3zdYlCHxMucxgO2oKR04y5iiL2irHIdLyySZ+Sam 55l2MPrE/ZUxaJolfHPY712w5HsSxMpZAzEkWHGBpjh0iNTQc6+CNsvL/jowwb2A B9ZUltoJ/sHWdogDcnVFVLjW+lH7Y9R0p/tUUezIHuIdvMk9tvOr+UhNcwCg8ytZ q4eb03AeaJbmlXX58JpFdM8D/1Cpv2TXTKxhFV+lEcDc8Oo9ZXyLRjLTt+AZ76bo iNKmR0Nf6bpaH5r5WDe0rsXFf1M8H70qu4/ATqBl90JpnXus9IkatFE87cdFRjPS MTFwx6SE9Zkrj+KmKnWDtrIyqLozm5MQgt6/nRLrIdyoSllz44pAAi7uGqE5ZPvs h6XABACS9XzepPnQFszxxsjVcG7vEZQxwxDd2xvGDxZbv3HxcTf5pR8LmyFWHrSH AAQV6ioBIjMYNO7bBcxzQ7w+Nc3VBAOyYw7xcrcLe1KmPxOMIVKcgeEgrEpF6F6i Gpyyg19xENAABBpSKH0nLv1jF4s6Tmi+KnaXVg2EdG5HGFI9ybQtSm9lIExseXdl bHluIEdyaWZmaXRoIEJsYWtlc2xleSA8amJAZnNmZS5vcmc+iGYEExECACYFAkdc G4gCGyMFCQH+mnkGCwkIBwMCBBUCCAMEFgIDAQIeAQIXgAAKCRA3XRAfpNPIn/7z AKDorBKI34Ny7NEzcJNznGfLO++rPACgjWmvj7e0VAAv90nJfphod35ZAbm5BA0E R1wcJxAQALG8nTuKoDqAGGNwOonNcMd85zUdPNfTJKgtXqQFIssWU8DgbSsMZ0r2 p7mVq+T1A52UE02+5Nzxl5q2kNKf28WJoCfzm9gqkX7DSukFbH+wLw1zHDuj/GXP CGpoNa10fGtQF/76RbdPSA0O668xO8wz+WFQmPyhhRPgOOVefiu42ygMEM5xMKqg jW7qliiyjg5SlBuKzSXqhMIbSK3lxClu6/Tz+P/08+E3C1ZUH6xb/vEvBuGx8VWf H+wnExmEVCtNO0rgUZczbjoB6CkOvD58W+yTsKx2enIHr7USS2O2jIy+cIqQQEk9 lWrScjF0QxdxgzMwWQ147yFai1TAOquD+rx2R3XlniE1NWEKCfZ/ANoiWd07yIsY A0xqWPu1MiU9PAJjIZ18lLQXhidW/D5LEOlXiGDqwyuNSXuAb1z7/J+wyDhKdKgL NkMSyG9ccFUG4jRjSXWbGn5lhugXF06l/mQ3h8EfkR8TbfipBcGU8+Bm0XxedlGN nsnFG6YxocFpoM1f9KBXSJ5fW9BMe5TULbv21MooUlN+yBJVfaMwwWBengCpV6nV vrVQZ5xJiH1HPpiDqRSS7pSzDZ+6TITBvvLmwIUCiID/rTo7J4OPFc1PFuG0j5En CXVYf6Bk9mJQF1PBES3iA2B0wJzxS83iLalUdUwSUzLMLvH4ZOkLAAMFD/9RnDnZ vXaKEsWrc1L4R/M/RCvZQDyCAuTEjRrfnc97cd1jzMdYbRo9Plc4/0YOON5WuVnF Q4bObYPDducduWTQyKQgugKYmMAdo84mYRV6WWaTVn89HUDjCsQiYYTp+s4AoC6O i+mi9mpL2rePqrIfsnZrqDoLE0Z47S87jIcJHcDrWDreQRbJ0HJc0wSUo6IQ+HnA /19tanH1XSEpiNskjUaG8VmhELp5uObMwVx61lLczGCp/ZcxQiseQxIOrpWeWlYl fpA/k8mqpRg16OMuz87yrsy381dQcjQUhc6itacozWgG/kCeBnUVfEZTzVkNy4F7 la7JurLhDdtyuBxO/zyPTw4OtodU0mtKA5/u77YN1CCbQeQyOPMOmBtfbz36gcXl ct6VKUElLoh/vPrGd4/4zZ4N3EO2VJfoLeN1QCz/nktAeFN7/WbvNQtCvZU786Tc VaqJrsEWLj1Ie86NOIRQXwLncXHqXxXKFgE9XtmMaBZ/5S45c9FqkWkHDsVOjSHQ tF7anur5FEZHFEy249wwPXFf/W/d0QOTiYZrPwd+gEEeu1sW61CRncvNbTQt3e3j 4WWBWVbWQYpga/mz8CwuYS+tvMvZm0wqu0TaSmUynkCYqEe6VOWopc9jPAlTv8fV 65TvqCv6mWix/bSbbk4muvlTdjhJwTwrl+3sAohPBBgRAgAPBQJHXBwnAhsMBQkB /pp5AAoJEDddEB+k08ifvcEAn0Aa/0k7rtS3UBbmGpJ1cEWITs7sAJ9PH9bjO/NO iUrFRb/k3xo1aoawMA== =7Lm+


Geek Code[edit]


N.B.: This geek code may not make sense in many interpretations of the geek code (especially strict ones and ones not involving elements of wetware—including the geek code decoder), but, as the rules are pretty lax, I decided to use the geek code in a way which gives as much info (and/or lack there of) about myself as possible (and exploits the code's hacker humour to its full extent and had as much hack value for me). If you do not understand my geek code it is either because:

  1. you do not understand how the code works (see the official site) or
  2. I have written it in a way which I believe makes sense; and my sense of reality, and/or interpretation of life, the universe and everything are seriously warped.

The latter is most likely.

Also N.B.: Although writing this code did have some hack value for me, it only took a few minutes of my boring life and I do not claim I have followed every rule by the letter (or any non-alphabetic character for that matter). If you find that this code block breaches version 3.12 of the geek code, I may be interested but I probably won't be (because I did this for a laugh and am not totally obsessed with the geek code (I'd like to say this is because I have a RL but it is more because I have so many other (much more expansive) areas of geekdom to explore)).



Version 3.12
GAT/CS/G/IT/J/M/P/S/SS/TW d+?pu@ s:-- a-->?($) C++>++++$(?) U++L(+++)>++++BLUAVHIOSCX$ P+>+++$ L++>++++$(+++++)
E(>++)@ W++>+++$ N++(>*$@) !o K?(>++++++) w++(---)@>---(?)(+++++$) !O (!)M-(--)(?) !V PS+@ PE>! Y+>++($) PGP++(+)>+++$
!t !5 !X R(-)* !tv?(>-) b++++($) DI D(+)(>$) G++()>++++ e-*@>++++*(!) h!--*(>?) r-->+++(!?) !y+()>+$(?)



MetaSoc is a project to create an XML DTD for organisational (esp. societies’) pseudo-‘metadata’ (probably with an RDF counterpart) and use it to create XML (and thereby HTML) documents with information about non-profit organisations in Bangor, Wales.

(This is on hold ATM, as I am too busy. I may carry on with it at a later date or give the data and draft DTDs I have to someone else who may be interested in taking over.)

See /MetaSoc.

Wikipedia Notes[edit]

See /Notes for notes to myself about stuff on Wikipedia.