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Jim Killock
Executive Director of the Open Rights Group
Assumed office
January 2009
Preceded by Becky Hogge
External Comms Co-ordinator of the Green Party (E&W)
In office
2004 – September 2008
Preceded by Matt Wootton
Succeeded by Tracy Dighton-Brown
Personal details
Born (1972-07-02) July 2, 1972 (age 45)
Nationality United Kingdom British
Political party Green Party
Domestic partner Siân Berry
Residence London
Alma mater Bangor University
Occupation Executive Director, ORG
Website Jim Killock’s blog

James Edward "Jim" Killock (born 1972) is a British political activist, the executive director of the Open Rights Group and a former external communications co-ordinator of the Green Party of England and Wales.

Early life[edit]

Killock was brought up in Bromsgrove in the English county of Worcestershire, and later moved to Bangor, Gwynedd around 1990.

After completing a history degree at Bangor University (then University College, Bangor) in 1993, he remained in the Welsh city where he involved himself in grass-roots activism on such issues as saving the Eithinog and Brewery Fields public open space (and now SSSI) from development and became a fluent speaker of the Welsh language. He later ran a small graphic design and Web development co-operative, Hebfinia Cyf., there for five years.

Political career[edit]

An active member of the Green Party since 1997[1], Killock stood as a candidate for Gwynedd County Council in the Menai (Bangor) ward in the 1999 local election, and as a party-list candidate for the North Wales region in the 2003 election to the National Assembly for Wales. Also in 2003, he was involved in non-violent direct action against an airport expansion in Swansea [2] as well as protests against the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

In 2004, he was elected to the party's executive (GPEx) as External Communications Co-ordinator (overseeing the press office) in the wake of his earlier design and media work with the then communications and publications officer, Matt Wootton, including on the party's innovative Real Progress branding {theme }and house style. [3] He was later re-elected to the post annually until 2008.

Killock stood for Conwy in the 2005 general election coming fifth with 1.5% of the vote, and was top of the Green party list for the North Wales region in the 2007 Welsh Assembly election.

In 2007/2008, he proposed successful motions to allow cross-party referenda and to adopt leaders rather than principal speakers, as well as chairing the Political Committee, a cabinet within GPEx. In September 2008, he stood down as External Communications Co-ordinator, and stood for party chair but was beaten by James Humphreys.

After working in party office full-time for two years, Killock took over from Becky Hogge in January 2009 as executive director of the UK's foremost digital rights campaign, the Open Rights Group, who work to safegaurd civil liberties within modern technology, particularly from inept regulation.

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