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Hi, After using wonderful Wikipedia and dabbling with MediaWiki for some time I decided to contribute and have been here since 2005. I was born and grew up in Malta. At the age of 10 and 11 I lived in Nancy (France) and since 1993 I have been living in Cologne Germany where I studied Computational linguistics and History. That background sets the scope of what I will be watching and contributing.

My pseudonym Joë le Maltais was an occasional nickname given to me as a kid in France. Apparently Joë le Maltais was a notorious Maltese pirate dreaded by the French Navy. Unfortunately I never found any information about that. It may also have been a joke.

Since I am a frequent contributor and administrator on the Maltese language edition of Wikipedia you're likely to find me online there: JoelemaltaisMT / talk.

In 2008 I started going to the Wikipedia-Stammtisch Köln. You could meet me in real life there.