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To make it short. I am an identical twin, chemist and geek having a sound character. I am married.

Since 2005 I am working as senior scientist in antiinfective drug design being part of the in silico taskforce.

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I studied chemistry followed by my Ph.D. thesis in computer science (bioinformatics institute).

Since October 2005 I am working at Tibotec in Beerse (+ post-doc period). My work is now focused on drug development using molecular modelling and cheminformatics.

My actual drug targets are antiviral proteases and polymerases, e.g. for HIV.

I was the main developer of JOELib and one of the co-founders of a cheminformatics open source community called the 'blue obelisk' movement, because some of the administrators/developers met at the blue obelisk. It was founded 2005 at the ACS meeting in San Diego, where I had two talks. Since then I am still involved in chemistry related community work, e.g. as member of the ChemSpider advisory board. Fields that spark my interests are proteases, polymerases, drug design, antivirals, cheminformatics, chemogenomics, molecular modelling,QSAR, information theory and optimization algorithms.

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