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About Me[edit]

My Name is Joe Howski (shortend), and I live in Melbourne Australia

I try to make it a daily habit to look at one random topic on Wikipedia and learn something about it. If the topic is bare or rambling, I try do a little research on it to gain just that little bit more insight, which I add to the Wikipedia. Hopefully others readers will do the same, to make the articles rich and informative.

Web Sites I run[edit]

Area's of interest[edit]

My aims are
To improve my knowledge of mediawiki and wikipedia so as to better edit ClickWiki
To share my access to specialist knowledge in engineering and computers with the rest of the community.
To improve the accuracy and reference to articles posted at wikipedia.
To Better cross reference articles between various wiki's on the internet

Templates & Links I use for editing[edit]

Wikipedia is a large database of articles and how-to, this is a custom set article that I would often like to use in the articles I edit articles.

Todo list[edit]

This is my personal TODO list for the Wikipedia.

  • Setup this page, look for templates etc
  • Determine how to reference wikipedia books
  • Determine how to reference wikipedia university or courses.
  • Determine if there is a wiki for original research and POV which may be narrow, and determine if there are ways to link through to these.
  • Reread verifiable sources list as to the hierarchy of reference quality.
  • Look for a wikipedia best practices and more importantly figure out how to learn of new stuff.
Since some wikipedians hold a NPOV about the very topic of NPOV, I was thinking of either writing or encouraging the writing of a greasemonkey script that intergrates alternative NPOV via alternate wiki web sites.
  • Find or develop a macro that can be used to search for additional information on the internet that can easily be added to articles.
The objective is to craft the keywords for the search to exclude as many or the common irrelevant results.
For example let say you search google using the term "seven hats" but get "seven hats nintendo" in the results.
The idea is to precraft the searches so the majority of searches result in more targeted results.
Thus making it easier to update articles and for wikipedia readers to gain a deeper understanding of a subject.

Done list[edit]

  • Study citation and link methods.
Citations I created that need to be correct
methods engineering