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WorldPop is a population mapping project. WorldPop aims to create freely-available population distribution and composition maps.[1]


WorldPop was created in October 2013 to combine AfriPop, AsiaPop, and AmeriPop, with the aim of creating spatial demographic data for Central and South America, Africa, and Asia, so as to assist in health applications, disaster response, and development.[1]


WorldPop estimates the number of residents in every 100m x 100m grid square for every low and middle income country. WorldPop then works with other organizations, such as statistics agencies or health ministries to create detailed maps with this population data. WorldPop's spatial statistical methods include the use of machine learning. In countries that lack accurate census data, WorldPop collaborates with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to map population distribution estimates. WorldPop also estimates population demographics and characteristics, such as age and sex structures, births, pregnancies, and poverty. WorldPop also maps changing population densities, as populations change quickly.[2]

In order to provide better health options for mothers and newborns, WorldPop collaborates with the UNFPA, the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, ICS Integrare, the World Health Organization, and the Open Health Initiative of the East African Community to provide better population distributions targeting women of childbearing age so as to improve spatial evidence relating to maternal health and newborn health.[2]

Collaborating with Flowminder Foundation, WorldPop have created population maps using mobile network data and dynamic satellite data in an effort to map populations of areas lacking census data. Flowminder Foundation and WorldPop also use mobile phone network data to map human mobility.[2]

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