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I am a professional palaeontographer and ex philosophy student who is no where near as annoying as that sounds (I hope). I have a website: for my art and I run Ontograph Studios. My main interest is pterosaurs. If you like the images I have contributed here, I have a large collection available to licence at the Ontograph Studios Image Library.

Images I've Contributed[edit]


Pterodactylus-kochi NYC.jpg Dimorphodon-macronyx jconway.jpg Rhamphorynchus gemmingi jconway.jpg Deinonychus-antirrhopus jconway.jpg Coloborhynchus piscator jconway.jpg Zhenjiangopterus jconway.jpg Brachiosaurus-brancai jconway.jpg Edaphosaurus-cruciger jconway.jpg Cryolophosaurus jconway.jpg Thalassodomeus skull.png Sharovipteryx mirabilis jconway.png Ornithopods jconway.jpg Struthiomimus altus jconway.jpg Pteranodon-sternbergi jconway.jpg Sinornithoides-youngi jconway.png Gryposaurus-notabilis jconway.png Sauropelta jconway.png Archaeo-deinony hands.svg


Anhanguera-santanae skull.jpg Anhanguera-santanae shldrgrdl.jpg Anhanguera-santanae sacrum.jpg

Public Domain[edit]

Pterodactylus antiquus soemmerring.png Struthiomimus skeleton jconway.jpg Diplodocus cknight.jpg

Less Serious Stuff[edit]

Ocean Liners[edit]

I have actually made a bigger contribution to ocean liners than palaeontological stuff. Pages I have started or made significant contributions to include: the Bremen, the Europa, the Conte di Savoia, and the Imperator.


SS Bremen 1929 profile NYC.png SS-Normandie side01 NYC.jpg Ssnormandie sideelevation NYC.png SS Imperator 01 NYC.jpg Empress-of-britain jconway.png