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I am indebted to Adam for kick-starting my page for me as, like many Wikipedians, he finds red links distressing.

Thanks for your contribution of the picture and accompanying preamble.

A little about me:-[edit]

I was born in Essex in the UK in the summer of '61.

I am a practicing Christian - though I need a lot more practice before I am good at it.

I am of dual nationality: British by birth (not 'English' as is assumed by my accent), and Australian by Descent on my mother's side.

My mother was Australian of largely Irish descent (with a bit of Portuguese, and English but that doesn't count as they were disowned by England and shipped out to Oz)

My father was my first ancestor to be born in the UK for some generations, though conceived in Russia, of Russian-Jewish stock - my paternal grandfather was a Cossack in pre-Bolshevik Russia.

I have especially strong feelings for my Australian and Irish roots. I would say I am "Irish Blood, Australian Heart".

I am a federalist European and a republican, though if Great Britain does have to have a monarch to my mind it should currently be the Catholic Prince Michael of Albany, as King Andrew (dubious, though, his claim may be). And the dirge 'God Save the [King/Queen]' should be replaced with 'Rule Britannia'.

I am opposed to full devolution for Scotland and Wales, as that would leave me without a nationality-of-birth.

I am in favour of scrapping the pound sterling and adopting the Euro - though it should be renamed the European Dollar which is a far more sensible name.

I don't have any letters after my name, but I have a fervent appetite for a vast eclectic mix of things involving the universe I inhabit for this brief span, and the why's-and-wherefores of how it came to be how it is.

My specialist subjects from childhood have been spaceflight and prehistoric animals.

I regularly visit cathedrals and abbeys etc. mostly in the British Isles but also around the world, from Australasia, to the Far East, Israel to the USA.

I find poor grammar, poor spelling and poor use of English (especially by those who have completed university education) irritating. I find poor and inconsiderate driving by people who think they are superb drivers to be annoying. I find inconsistency an anathema.

I am generally opinionated and perhaps do not suffer fools gladly (probably because I consider myself among their number and am not keen on it).

None of which makes me very Christian - but like I said earlier, I do need a lot more practice.

By trade I am an IT technician: providing PC hardware & software support, and writing software applications.

My hopes for Wikipedia[edit]

I would like to see (and help in some small way) Wikipedia become the most authorititive compendium of information bar-none: If you want to find information on something - even if you can't find it anywhere else - you can find it covered in depth here.

--JohnArmagh 10:52, 14 Jul 2004 (UTC)

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