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A wee little turtle; Yes it is real.

Who I am[edit]

I'm just a regular guy.

Who I am not[edit]

I enjoy wikipedia but I'm not a wikiaddict. You won't find a wikistatus thing here. I'm either online or offline. Most likely I'm offline. I check my watchlist and keep tabs on my talk page. I won't announce any vacations from wiki because quite frankly the pay is low and I'll do as I please.

What I believe[edit]

Be warned, this is where I get upset about the Wikivandals and the crap they are allowed to get away with before they get a *gasp* 24 hour ban.

I think the current attitude of treating the vandals with kid gloves is bull. You want to tell the world how big your penis is? That's what myspace is for. You want to profess how much you love your favorite band? Again, this isn't the place. That's what fanclubs are for. I vote we be bold with the vandals. Block 'em all, let Jimbo sort 'em out. I like to hug trees and promote peace love and harmony as much as the next guy but if someone comes in and continually bogarts the bowl, SOMEBODY has to ask him not only to leave, but to not come back, mmmkay?

And to extrapolate on that I think I might start my own template for vandals. I think I'll call it NoYourCockIsntThatBig or something else memorable. I'll even get cool .svg graphics for it and I'll be able to use lots of pipes (| | | |) for all the options you can do with it. Then I'll start a usergroup for Wikipedians for the advancement of Killing Blatant Morons.

My To Do List[edit]