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John Elder, aka Elderbear, in his natural environment.

About Me[edit]

I am addicted to computer and internet usage. My primary interest is developing functional communities, both on-line and in meatspace. I hold degrees in computer science, electrical engineering, theology, and clinical psychology. I read voraciously, across a broad range of subjects. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working in the field of addiction medicine. I previously worked as a Senior Research Engineer, developing real-time data acquisition systems and performing signal processing and data analysis on data acquired from these systems. The last 19 years of my engineering work focused mostly on ionospheric research. Included in this job is a great deal of writing: documentation, manuals, specifications, reports, proposals, and journal articles. I am co-author on too many professional peer-reviewed papers to keep track of, but a google search on elder djuth will give you a sample if you're interested.

I teach anger management classes and have trained other teachers. Teaching anger management has been a very rewarding experience. I developed an anger management curriculum for Richstone Family Center and have helped George Anderson develop his curriculum.

I am a Star Trek junkie and a Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel / Firefly addict. I tend to buy more books than I can read - if I read one in four, I feel I've done a good job. I am a published poet, frequently a political activist/agitator, and an anarchist at heart. I'm barely hanging on as a top 500 reviewer at Amazon, writing with the pen name elderbear.

I hope to return to being more WikiActive before too long.


If you're a high frequency active auroral research program Conpiracy Theory Junkie, we will periodically bump heads. I've built equipment for HAARP, I done research there. I've wandered the site annually for many years. I've taken pictures. I've been everywhere there was to go, except one perpetually locked office - and I've peeked into the window of that office. The amount of nonsense spouted about that program is exceeded only by the ignorance of most of the people spouting it. Do us all a favor. If you don't understand ionospheric and/or radio science, don't edit the page to include something you heard from Art Bell or Nick Begich or some webpage making dire claims. People who do understand these subjects will just delete your work and consider you an idiot. But, if you can tell a megawatt from effective radiated power, know your e layer from your f region, and have a grasp on ionospheric heating, then you might have something useful to add, and the ongoing editing and discussion can be fruitful.

My Contributions[edit]

  1. Lots of miscellaneous minor edits and collecting new information for various pages.
  2. Made sure that each Star Trek series premiere date was listed in the date pages.
  3. Resistance, Rebellion, and Death -- added a list of quotations with references from the book.
  4. Talk:Resistance, Rebellion, and Death -- created a short essay about the book.
  5. William E. Gordon -- original author
  6. Ralph Leighton -- original author of brief stub
  7. Dive into Python -- original author -> Dive into Python/Temp
  8. Emma Goldman -- added a list of quotations with references from Living my Life.
  9. Talk:Ararat anomaly -- added some family folk history about the fate of Noah and the Armenian language.
  10. Alex Gurevich -- original author of brief stub
  11. Scott Ritter -- referenced and documented his anti-war speaking in early 2003.
  12. HAARP -- reworked some awkward material and removed patently false material, with full comments on talk page. There is still a lot of work to do, but I can only handle so much confusion and disinformation at one time.
  13. Enough already!!! I cannot keep track any more - but I used to think this list was important!
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