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Note: the term "footnotes" seems to be losing currency; use "citation" instead.


* Help:Shortened footnotes (with {{|tl|sfn}} and {{efn}})

Options as to what an editor sees in the body of the text:

  • I. Basic <ref> tags with full citation information; sometimes <ref=name> with no information [in conjunction with <references> or {{reflist}} in the "References" (or similar) section] This is the most common format.
  • II. <ref group=foobar> tags (in conjunction with <references group=foobar/>; for example, the "Note" group
  • III. <cite>[[#NameDate| Name (date)</cite> (in conjunction with <cite id=NameDate>Full citation information</cite> (*not* two-way?)
  • IV. Harvard citation templates - {{Harv}}, {{Harvcol}}, {{Harvnb}}, etc
  • V. Embedded link (in conjunction with separate "References" section)

Options as to what a reader sees after clicking on a link:

  • A. Full citation in references section
  • B. Full information in "Notes" section.
  • C. Partial citation (name and date) with link to full citation in another section. The link can be done (a) (done using a wikilink in the partial citation and a <cite=id> (to create an anchor along with citation formatting) in the other section; an
  • D. Partial citation with no link to full citation (which is in a separate section)

Link between initial (partial) citation (in "Notes" section, typically) and the full citation (in the "References" section)

  • i. Yes, one-way, done via wikilink and a <cite id=> anchor in separate section, or via the {{citation}} template.
  • ii. No

Thoughts: either put this into a table (?), or make into a simple list (of all feasible parameters: (4 x 4 x 2) + 1 = 33 (max), with examples (either recent or Featured articles) for each, as in:

  • IA (article, article, article) (easy to find)
  • ICi (article, article, ... )
  • IIICi (Finnish Civil War, article, article)
  • IV (article, article, ... ) (find via template pages)
  • V (Pope Francis)

May be hard to find some examples (so post a request at WP:VP); table may not be exhaustive (so get feedback).

Q: Is it possible to create an example page that uses I through IV simultaneously?

Note: take a look at Regrading in Seattle; some items in the "Notes" section link to the next section; some do not.