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Sandbox Organiser

A place to help you organise your work

Sandbox Organiser is a set of tools to help you better organise your draft articles and other pages in your userspace. It also includes areas to keep your to do lists, bookmarks, list of tools. You can customise your sandbox organiser to add new features and sections. Once created you can access it simply by clicking the sandbox link at the top of the page.

  • Create a new draft: Type the name of the draft into the box and click 'Create page', you can see all your drafts of that type by clicking the title e.g 'Articles'.
  • Organise your existing drafts: Click on 'To sort' and move drafts into the correct subfolders e.g 'User:John Cummings/Articles'. You can then delete the redirect by adding {{db-u1}} to it.
  • Archive: If you want to keep drafts after you've finished working on them you can them to your 'Archive', alternatively you can delete them by added {{db-u1}} to the page.
  • Personalise: Once you've created your sandbox organiser you can add new draft spaces, or change existing ones, comments have been added to the wikicode to explain how.

Click here to create your own Sandbox Organiser


To do list

  1. Sort out all the existing drafts into the right sections
  2. Publish some of the finished draft articles


  • Add your bookmarks here


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