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Despite occasional urban myths, Milton Keynes is not named after Milton Friedman and John Maynard Keynes. The name is centuries old and comes from an existing village not far from Central Milton Keynes. Though it could be that JMK is descended from the de Cahaignes, the Anglo-Norman family who once owned these parts.

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In July 2015, Sir Peter Hendy was appointed Chairman of Network Rail "and asked by the Secretary of State to conduct a thorough review of the enhancement programme in England & Wales to see what can be delivered in an affordable and timely way within the funding period to 2019".[1] The report states "During CP5 development work will continue into the full re-opening of the route between Bicester and Bletchley [...] and delivery will be started as soon as possible".[2] However, in the table that lists in detail the revised work programme, the route is shown as one of the "Projects with significant delivery in CP5 and completion in CP6"[3] (CP5 is 2014–2019; CP6 is 2019–2024[4]).

(written by user:Redrose64 at East West Rail Link)

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