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Fred Phelps is an amateur

National Irrigation Congress -ehhh? Pinchot as advocate of settlement of public lands?

as confusing and disjointed as it is biased

Map–territory relation

all linked articles need purging

would be plagiarism if it resembled a proper article

little that is new?

deserves better

interesting guy. needs a cleanup

rather more positive than might be expected

piss poor

interesting subject. poor artifle.

just plain awful

Very significant site. Too much precedence for outlandish claims?




most of this lot probably needs checking


Good article.. would be good to get some sources that note the minor over-representation of Jews in the Bolshevik group said less about Jews and communism than it did about Jews and intellectuals.. ala Rothbard, Strauss, the great Disraeli etc.

tight... could use more refs.

basically an essay as is Maurice Papon


kinda questionable

good article subject

Zaneth of the Mounties

interesting that the Dadabhai Naoroji article denigrates the Ethnological Society of London, best known for its opposition to slavery

Planned shrinkage- an article almost entirely based on a book published by a crank publisher

'We're from the government, and we're here to help you.'

a farcial article

"I've no desire to get into an interminable debate on my opinions with a guy who thinks the state has the right to criminalize them."


grep -Po "(?<=" title=\").[a-zA-Z0-9 :%'-]*"