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John P. Sadowski
Wikipedian in Residence, U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
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About me

I'm a chemist with a specialty in DNA nanotechnology. I've been a contributor to Wikipedia since November 2006 as User:Antony-22, where my work has mainly been in the topics of nanotechnology, biomolecular structure, and science policy. I joined NIOSH in January 2017 to help improve articles on nanotechnology health and safety topics using NIOSH's extensive resources in the area.

My work

I am a paid contractor of NIOSH. My work with NIOSH will include several aspects:

  • Improving Wikipedia articles on occupational safety and health topics
  • Coordinating other NIOSH staff to make contributions to Wikipedia
  • Connecting interested Wikipedians with NIOSH resources
Disclaimer: As a contractor of NIOSH, I have a conflict of interest regarding the article on NIOSH and on articles regarding its staff and programs. If I feel there are inaccuracies or other editorial issues with those pages, I will leave a message on the corresponding talk page. My edits are not to be considered official guidance from NIOSH.