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A man noticed a bump on his nose and went to the doctor.

The doctor tested the bump and said, "That's a cancerous tumor. You should have that removed."

The man asked, "Is this the right time to remove the bump?"

The doctor replied, "I'm not sure this is the proper place to discuss the timing of the operation."

The man worried, "We'll need to have my insurance agent in on any conference about the location of the meeting."

The doctor insisted, "It would be better to refer to hospital procedure for attorneys and insurance agents."

The man protested, "It's not appropriate for the hospital to control access to my professional team."

The doctor stood fast. "How can you concern yourself in internal hospital policy?"

The man stood up. "I'm going to call my Congressman about this and have a law passed!"

The doctor threw his otoscope across the room. "Politicians should not meddle in purely medical affairs!"

The man shouted, "That's assault! I'm calling the police."

The doctor leered, "Cell phones are forbidden and patients are not allowed to use my phone."

The man tried furiously to think of a rejoinder but at that moment, the tumor exploded, hundreds of cancer cells spread throughout his body, and he fell over dead on the examining room floor.

It wasn't the metastasis that killed him; it was the meta stasis.