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John T Yeska Jr. is an emerging professional that is focused on a dual career track in the near future. He anticipates one of those career tracks as a commercial airline pilot based out of Tampa, Florida with a major airline company. He has been training for this position for a number of years and sees himself as enjoying this type of career for many years to come.

Education and Certifications[edit]

John T Yeska Jr.received his Bachelor degree BA from Saginaw Valley State University and two Master Degrees from Saginaw Valley State University.He received a Juris Doctorate Degree (JD) from Thomas M. Cooley Law School.He is certified in Westlaw and Lexis Nexus Advanced Case Law Legal research.

Business Accolades[edit]

John T Yeska Jr. received a Special Tribute for Outstanding Community Involvement for my countless hours of dedication to volunteer work...This was named:CITIZENS AWARD He received the CITIZENS AWARD in June of 2001 ...the Citizens Award was awarded to me from the Governor of the state of Michigan (John Engler) and Mike Goschka, State Senator (Michigan) 33rd District - . The award was signed May 22, 2001. The CITIZENS AWARD was signed by both Governor Engler and Representative Goschka.

Clubs Or Societies[edit]


Some of his interests include boating, jet skiing, riding ATVs, going to the beach, shopping, reading and trivia games. He also enjoy volunteering in my spare time with special Olympics and programs that help the less fortunate.He also enjoy playing chess, going to the movies, running, going to Broadway performances, being active and watching TV.He enjoy traveling whether long trips or short day trips to some where fun.

Current Occupation[edit]

Currently, John T Yeska Jr is a Self Employed - as a result of his work he has traveled to every state.Soon to be working as a commercial airline pilot in Tampa, Florida and I am preparing to take the Florida Bar Exam in 2016.