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Tegana formation paleobiota[edit]

Tegana Formation is a geological formation in Morocco. It is part of Kem Kem Beds[1][2].


Color key
Taxon Reclassified taxon Taxon falsely reported as present Dubious taxon or junior synonym Ichnotaxon Ootaxon Morphotaxon
Uncertain or tentative taxa are in small text; crossed out taxa are discredited.
Genus Species Material Notes
Spinosaurus[2] S.aegyptiacus Teeth, vertebrae, bones Total lenght = 18 metres
Carcharodontosaurus[2] C.saharicus Teeth, skull bones, phalanges[2] Only 3 metres shorter than Spinosaurus
Rebbachisaurus R.garasbae Teeth[2] -
Unidentified Diplodocidae Indeterminate Teeth(link 2) -
Deltadromeus D.agilis Teeth, limb bones[2] The last Ceratosauridae
Oviraptorosaur Indeterminate Claw (link 1) -
Ornithomimidae Indeterminate Claws (link 1) -
Dromaeosauridae Indeterminate Teeth, claws, vertebrae, other bones[2] Velociraptorinae[2]


Genus Species Material Notes
Siroccopteryx S.moroccensis[2] Teeth[2], limbs Sometimes classified as Coloborhynchus


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