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Γεια σας!


If you'd like to talk to about me something, please contact me via the email provided in my userbox. Thanks!

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I would also like to point all users to the excellent style guide prepared by fellow members of this community for use in Wikipedia. I personally think that since so many people have 'sunk in' to create it, who come from many different backgrounds and have expertise in different fields of writing or else (I am sure), it is the penultimate style guide for all non-fiction writers to follow, in my view. It’s worth it - mixed in with a bit of common sense and the ability to make articles enticing reads!

While I may be much more active on other wikis (which may be on Wikia or else), I still contribute a bit to Wikipedia, mainly in the form of reverting vandalism and patrolling new pages.

Do you like chess? Try Lichess, the greatest chess site on the internet. Beautiful HTML5 interface, open source frontend and backend. No registration required, like on Wikipedia. If you love chess, you love Lichess! I'm an occasional contributor to this. I have contributed a small amount of code, but my main contribution is my unofficial maintainership of the Greek translation. Not to mention being a moderator.