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I'm an engineering manager, specialising in embedded systems design. I have a Bachelor of Science with Honours (Griffith University) with a triple major in quantum physics, electronics and mathematics, and a Master of Engineering (La Trobe University) specialising in advanced computer architectures. I have been personally responsible for the design of over 40 different computer systems, from finger-sized computers to desktop parallel supercomputers. My designs and software have been used by corporations and government bodies around the world.

I have been creating new computers for industry for 22 years, the past 10 years of which I have been providing product and IP development for corporate customers. Prior to becoming a full-time consultant, I was a lecturer at La Trobe University in Melbourne, where I taught the dark arts of computer architecture and design in the School of Electronic Engineering. I've written two books on embedded hardware design, and I also do the occasional tech review for O'Reilly.

Other Stuff[edit]

I enjoy hiking (especially "through walking") and camping, wildlife and landscape photography, fishing, dabbling in permaculture, and cooking Indian and Mediterranean food. I'm also interested in Astronomy, Paleontology, Philosophy (especially that of Epicurus and the Stoic school), Architecture and most sciences in general. I'm passionate about the environment.