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Today I ponder what the point is in police. When someone causes trouble, they allways make sure they're unavailable. I remember one day this moron was playing music so loud that it was rattling the walls all over the store. The cops said all units where busy at the time and to just get their license plate and call them back. We got a positive match on their plates from 3 different people. All three saw the same plate, and yet the cops still wouldn't do anything about it, because it seems as thought the individuals must have stole the plates off a car and put them on their suburban.... Rather than investigate the vehichle and find out why they had stolen plates, they just dismissed the call and allowed the individuals to do as they please.... The average time it takes a cop to respond to a robbery seems to be 45 minutes, after which, they usually can't find anyone that looks anything like the suspects... I wonder why? Give me 45 minutes and I can be pretty much 2 cities away from the place!

--Johng1970 (talk) 07:18, 6 June 2008 (UTC)