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Me? well was just a new boy to these pages. (2007)

I'm fascinated by the extraordinary range of questions, and the even more extraordinary individuals who answer the questions!

My working background was in the decorative paint industry, originally as a colour consultant, then technical sales, where there was more money!

I am now retired and an amateur water colour artist with moderate success in selling my work. I even have work in HRH Prince of Wales private collection.

I now live in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, a long way from my roots in the crowded south east of England.

Unlike all others with user pages I am devoid of any qualifications failing in my expectations to be an architect and a private flyer.

Wife and I have done a lot of travelling, mostly on container ships, and conclude that this is the only way to travel but sadly we are too old, they won't take us over 85! We did go around the world on one for three months and the equivalent of around the world in miles on six other voyages. Plus a number of 'proper' cruises also. Though cars, coaches, and trains are also OK by us.Artjo (talk) 06:52, 30 November 2015 (UTC)