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I thought my betta was just being mean, but now I think he's trying to have sex with a catfish. Please zoom in on his face. He is such a jerk. Also, the water is brown because of apple juice bogwood.

My name is JohnnyMrNinja, although I am not a Johnny, nor am I a Ninja. I will neither confirm nor deny Mr.

My first (registered) edit.
My ongoing project is to empty Category:All free media by deleting copyvios, retagging fair use, and moving the rest to Commons. Only 272,902 left! (480,611 7/1/2010).

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Feeling supersecret? Feel free to email me, though I check it not so often.

Sometimes I go to a Village Pump and go "Oh yeah, I forgot I did that." I was experimenting with a new search functionality and it worked out pretty well. Now they're everywhere but whatevs.

Commons:User:JohnnyMrNinja - not much there, just some icons I made for things I was working on.

User:JohnnyMrNinja/Water in popular culture

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I believe I have earned the right to a user page through countless hours of using. If desired, I could produce a list of things I have used.