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The Industrialized Metal Webzine is a webzine that concentrates on the industrial metal subgenre and everything related to it. It contains album reviews, concert reviews and interviews, as well they're known for organising underground live shows, DJ sets and compilation releases.

The webzine is existing since 2004 and has managed to gain an excellent reputation within the worldwide industrial metal scene. From the start it has always been more focussed on independent and unsigned bands, giving them space to promote and express themselves.


The Industrialized Metal Webzine is a large webzine including different sections and contents. [1]

Band Profiles[edit]

The Industrialized Metal Webzine includes a large database of band profiles of bands that have been reviewed or interviewed on the page, or just fit within the industrial metal genre in any way.[2] Sorted on alphabetical order, the band profile itself contains information about the roots and links to their webpages.


The album reviews section contains currently over 500 reviews, of full-lengths, EP's, demo's, free download releases and websingles.[3] The section gets updated usually a few times a month. There is also a small live review section, consisting mostly of tour reports.[4] Live reports by Industrialized Metal Webzine crewmembers have been published on webzines such as Gothtronic in the past as well[5].


Bands from all over the world, including from countries such as India, Pakistan, The Phillipines, China and South-Africa, have been interviewed on the Industrialized Metal Webzine.[6] Some of the more known names that have been interviewed are Vigilante, Ewigkeit, Undercover Slut, Punish Yourself, DyNAbyte and Omega Lithium.

Live gigs and DJ sets[edit]

Since 2004 the webzine has rarely organized live shows and mini-tours, bringing foreign underground bands such as DyNAbyte (Italy), Golem 101 (Germany), No Forgiveness (Italy), Volkmar (Australia) and Neon Synthesis (Italy) to Dutch stages to perform with local industrial metal bands such as DeadCell, REEL, 3rd Machine and Next Waste Dimension.[7][8][9] Live pictures are spread all over the net, including the MySpace profile of the webzine and official band websites.[10][11][12]

The Industrialized Metal Webzine founder, Gerardo, has been doing DJ sets all over the country too - sharing the stage with bands such as Deathstars, Deadcell, Golem 101, Next Waste Dimension, Sybreed and Obszön Geschöpf. As well he has done a few remixes that can be heard on the MySpace profile.[13]


Together with Death To Music Productions, the Industrialized Metal Webzine is responsible for the release of the F**k Em All compilation series. These compilations have mostly been filled with independent and unsigned bands and Death To Music bands fitting into the industrial metal genre. All releases are downloadeable for free on the Death To Music webpage and come with full artwork and band interviews.[14]


Recently Gerardo has agreed to play podcasts on the industrial metal webradio Radio Godmode.[15][16] It consists of a two-hour podcast every other week, being broadcasted four times a week.


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