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John Paul Poling (b.12/24/1940) is the publisher of Community Connexion eMagazine. He is an advocate of Self Publishing. To encourage this Mr. Poling provides and supports 'Bloggers Connexion' with self publishing tips on his 'jpoling' blog, #1 on Google. Articles and blogs are a free public service, featuring eMerging Global Consciousness topics on such subjects as Sustainability, Intercultural Communications, Inter Faith Spirituality, Holistic Health, Conscious Business, Comparative Religious Connections, Cultural Inclusivity, etc. The associated LINX Directory is a free service of Community Connexion, provided to assist authors, spiritual leaders, practitioners, speakers and writers with getting their message out to the public via the Internet. Mr. Poling writes under the pen names 'jpoling' and 'John Paul Poling' on many eMerging culture topics. He is an ordained minister with the Rock Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) since 1955. He is the founder of a monthly networking group called 'BizNet' for Business Connexion through Networking (meeting continually since the 1980's) consisting of business, financial and real estate professionals in Portland, Oregon. He is a Volunteer Director (since 1993) of a time based complimentary currency called CHE Hours, the abreviation for Cascadia Hour Exchange. His 'jpoling blog' is one of the most popular on the internet, rating in the top of Google's current listings. John's motto 'I will help you' is more than just a slogan, he helps non profit organizations and he will help you to achieve SEO to get your web site or blog into the top search engine rankings.

Community Connexion' LINX Directory - offers readers access to Directory Listings with just a click or two in the LINX SEARCH by category. New Culture thinkers, practitioners, writers, speakers and businesses get free classified advertising in multiple categories, complete with links to their articles, web site and favorite subjects. Classifieds can carry names, addresses, zip codes, phone numbers, event dates and other key information for readers to search. These classifieds assist in building their Google ratings for quicker response in public searches on the internet and many other search engines.

Community Connexion free EVENT LISTINGS assist speakers, churches and other spiritual groups, as well as non profit organizations, with providing worthwhile events and programs about sustainability and spirituality for the eMerging global new consciousness community.

John as had an interest in boats since the mid 1960's ... and has many projects on or near Hayden Island. As a child John visited the Jantzen Beach Amusement Park. Now Jantzen Beach is a major shopping center on Hayden Island. John is helping build a webcam for Hayden, currently being hosted at

Cascadia Hour Exchange (CHE) offers a LOCAL Time Based, Complementary Currency for individuals, non profit organizations and small businesses to exchange their services on a LOCAL bases, without fees or red tape. This 'Better Than Barter' service provides credit for future purchases, with CHE currency, through the exchange of CHE scrip for equalizing or balancing the exchange of goods and services and for delayed payment on future exchanges. Scrip can be used to purchase many goods and services locally and within the CHE system. Scrip provides record keeping and serves as a simple means of balancing accounts for delayed or partial barter. See LOCAL, time based, alternative currency on your favorite search engine or click here: