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John Semlak
New York City

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Articles Created[edit]

Crystal Langhorne
W. Horace Carter
Illinois high school boys basketball championship
Wayne's Coffee
Nefertiti bust (previously had been redirected to Nefertiti)

  • On 28 November this article was featured in the Did you know? section, with a picture included!

The Book of Masters
2010 Peru bus crash
David Kimche
Run and gun (basketball)
Basil Hoffman
2010 Kasai River boat sinking
2010 West Papua floods
United States in World War I (previously redirected to United States campaigns in World War I)
2010 Istanbul bomb blast
December 2010 Queensland floods
Brazil vs Italy (1982)
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Operation Shady RAT
John Proctor (FBI agent)
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Rhein II
Thomas Heebøll-Holm
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Russia vs Ukraine (1999)
Addisleigh Park
Novosibirsk Main railway station
Inskaya railway station
San Remo Cafe
Old Grapevine
Knickerbocker Hospital
Cosmopolitan Hotel (New York)


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