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John Tinsley
06. John in the vineyard.jpg
John in the Prince's vinyard, Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Born: September 18, 1984
Birth place: Dublin, Ireland
Residence: Glasnevin, Dublin
Nationality: Irish Flag of Ireland.svg
Research Field: Parallel Treebanks and Machine Translation
Institution: Dublin City University
Degrees held: BSc. in Applied Computational Linguistics (2006)
Degrees sought: Ph.D. in Computing

John Tinsley (September 18, 1984) is a postgraduate research student from the Republic of Ireland. With an undergraduate degree in Applied Computational Linguistics, he is now seeking a Ph.D. in the area of parsing and machine translation. He is currently based at the National Centre for Language Technology in DCU, and resides in the post gradute accommodations on the Ballymun Road entrance to the university.

Early Life[edit]

John was born on the 18th of September 1984 in the Coombe Hospital, Dublin to parents Francis "Frank" Tinsley and Frances Tinsley (née Noone). He was brought up in Drimnagh under the watchful guise of his older sister Ann (b. 12/04/1971), brother Michael (b. 25/09/1973), and his auntie and grandmother who lived on the same street.


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Personal Life[edit]

John was once romantically involved with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jessica Alba, at the same time. He is currently dating Summer Glau.

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