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I am a person adding mostly to articles relating to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

I've started a lot of short articles on the various city neighbourhoods, and try to phrase them in a positive way keeping in mind that (a) there aren't really a lot of places in Edmonton I would be scared to go, and (b) every neighbourhood has features that would be attactive to someone. Let's face it, I live in a nice neighbourhood, and wouldn't want to move into a lower income neighbourhood. At the same time, a lower income neighbourhood would be very attractive to someone with more limited financial resources. A neighbourhood with lots of schools is attractive to a family with children, while a neighbourhood with a lot of (posibly adult only) condominiums and no schools might be more attactive to a retiree whose health makes it harder to maintain a house and who only wants to see kids on the weekends the grandchildren come over.

Where I am very familiar with a neighbourhood--for example, the one I grew up in--I've added a bit of material that someone who lives in a neighbourhood might know. There are things you pick up reading a community league newsletter or talking to the neighbours. Unfortunately, this sort of stuff is hard to document and hopefully won't have somebody marking it with a "citation needed" tag. Certainly I hope people who know similar things about the neighbourhoods they live in feel free to add some of this stuff of their own.

I've also added material to articles others have started, and done some editorial writing. Where there is something that could use some support documentation, I have sometimes added this. That said, there are a couple of things marked with a "citation needed" tag that I don't know a suitable source, but based on my experience, I feel are correct. Hopefully someone more familiar with the material will step up and add some source material.

I've also added a few pictures. Some to articles I have started. Others to articles others have started. In the age of the digital camera, it's easy enough to get pictures. It's just a case of remembering to take a camera along when there might be an opportunity to add a picture of something that someone has asked for in an article.

There are enough of us in Edmonton who know of enough stuff to really make these articles shine.

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