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About Jomanila:
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PUPAko'y Iskolar ng Bayan na taas noong nag-aaral / nakapagtapos sa Sintang Paaralan

Wikipedian since January 2006.

My real nickname is Jojo. I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. That is where I got the user name Jomanila. I am a registered sign language interpreter in our country. I have been signing for the deaf since 1992. I am a strong advocate of Filipino Sign Language and deaf culture.

I have created an article in 1996 entitled Love for the language means Love for the People - A Focus on Deaf Culture based on my personal experiences. This link is still alive and hosted by Geocities.

I am currently the Training Director of Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf. I am also the first president of Philippine Web Accessibility Group, an advocacy group that teaches and promotes Web accessibility in the Philippines as a method of making information accessible to all including persons with disabilities (PWD). I am also a web designer and a proud member of Guild of Accessible Web Designers and a member of Web Standards Group. I have also contributed articles in web accessibility in Web Standards Group, Closed captioning on the Internet and Benefits of Accessible Websites.

I have authored the first reference book in my entire life just last 2007. It's entitled "Basic Web Accessibility Guide for Filipinos."

Deaf WikiProject[edit]

I volunteered to participate of the WikiProject on Sign language, Deaf culture and deafness. Please visit Wikipedia:WikiProject Deaf if you are interested.

Accessibility WikiProject[edit]

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Since I am also involved in promoting for barrier free access to the Internet, I joined in the Wikipedia:WikiProject Accessibility. This WikiProject aims to actively assist those editors who possess disabilities or other characteristics which inhibit their ability to contribute to the encyclopedia. The primary focus is on improving the accessibility of articles.


Aside from being with deaf people, I'm also involved with other disabilities in the Philippines. I am also an advocate or helps in the promotion of

  1. Closed Captioning in any video formats
  2. Web accessibility
  3. Cascading Style Sheets
  4. Sign Language of information and communications technology terms
  5. Christian school for the deaf
  6. Tagalog language


Since I started in January 2006, I only contributed a few. Hopefully, I may be able to add more especially in our Tagalog pages and on deaf issues. Here are the articles I contributed.

  1. Web accessibility Philippines Link
  2. Web accessibility initiatives in the Philippines
  3. Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf
  4. National Council on Disability Affairs (Philippines)
  5. Philippine Federation of the Deaf
  6. Filipino Sign Language short article with stub with further modifications
  7. CAP College Foundation added an entry about School for the Deaf
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