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There is a common misconception that Wikipedia works from the top-down, with Jimbo on top, granting power to the administrators below him to do his bidding. The truth is, the greatest power on Wikipedia is given to anyone with internet access and the motivation to click 'edit this page'. The vast majority of edits are good. They are made by regular people who want to make a high quality encyclopedia free for the world. And when there are disputes, the vast majority of the time good natured people discuss their differences and often come out with a better article for it. The administrators and the arbitration committee play a secondary role to make sure that the occasional disruptions are dealt with. The beauty of Wikipedia is that it lacks "strong leadership"; the administrators are there to make sure everyone plays nice, not to decide laws. We don't need more rules, we don't even need to clarify the rules we have; we need to focus more on the mission of producing a high quality encyclopedia. After that everything else is secondary.

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My name is Jon. I was born on May 13th - hence the username jon513.

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6 September 2017
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