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A computer science major at a university two miles past the end of the earth, Jon is both a professional troll and a troll-squasher. He is familiar with Perl and C, and IRC scripts, none of which he does anything useful with. He has been voted most likely to require grand jury testimony by his close circle of friends. Go ahead and give him your root password, he won't remember it

"I'm too lazy to make a page for my user account, I'll just con the other wiki visitors into making it for me :)"

The picture of me on this page was taken off MTU's LDAP server during the 3 days between the time we discovered they were publicly available on it and the time they realized it.

Minor corrections to what MJS posted about me:

  1. My IRC scripts (for Irssi) are written in Perl.
  2. With public key authentication in SSH I don't need your root password. The private half of the public key I put in the root account on MJS's computer is @%(%^][/..2a^$A^[Carrier Signal Lost]