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Images can make such a difference in an article and help explain things that words simply cannot. True, there is such a thing as too many pictures in an article, but too many articles suffer from too few. I have contributed several hundred images, most of which are in the public domain now. All of my public domain images and files are now on the Wikimedia Commons, which I registered for in January 2008. Having the PD images on the Commons allows more people to use them in the various language versions of Wikipedia and allows them to be grouped with similar images better. On top of all this, it allows editors to upload more photos and not have to worry about them being used right away in an article like on Wikipedia. Images not used on Wikipedia become orphaned and will be deleted if they are left like that for long. It also frees up more space on Wikipedia for article creation and expansion.

Public domain photos I have uploaded[edit]

I try to get pictures of buildings or other visual aspects to be used in various articles. My policy is only to use my own pictures if another one hasn't already been uploaded or if I feel my image is in every way far superior to the one I am replacing or is an update. No need to replace an image that is already good and up to date! As of June 11, 2018, I have contributed 463 image files to Wikipedia including 425 public domain images on the Commons. My earliest images were all uploaded as straight public domain images, meaning they can be used by anyone for anything. Most images, though, are uploaded using the Creative Commons license, which allows for use of the images in just about anything, just as long as I am attributed. Of the public domain files, 366 are my photographs (362 I took myself, 3 that my grandpa took, and 1 that a friend took for me), 45 are maps, 9 are simple graphics that I use in templates, and 5 are cropped images from previously published, publicly-available files (4 photographs and 1 map). I have also uploaded 38 copyrighted or trademarked logos and images under fair use for use in the appropriate article(s).

Kent, Ohio[edit]

Being from and living in Kent, Ohio, means getting photos for the various articles related to things here is fairly easy. In addition to many historical buildings and various cityscape photos, I have also taken a significant amount of photos on the main campus of Kent State University and have created several graphics for use in various articles.

Kent City School District[edit]

Images I have taken of various facilities in the Kent City School District.

Kent State University[edit]

I have taken lots of pictures on the main campus of Kent State University in Kent, particularly the various athletic facilities, but also some of the older buildings on campus that date to the early 20th century. In addition, I uploaded the SVG version of the Kent State seal and the official typeface logo and PNG versions of the typeface logo for the regional campuses:

Kent State Athletics[edit]

Most photos I take involving Kent State Athletics are of the facilities, though I have also uploaded versions of the various athletic logos and a few copyrighted historical photos under Fair-use. Most logos are SVG versions as they display better on the various devices Wikpedia operates on since SVG is not affected by changes in size where PNG and JPG files can be. The historic photographs come from the Kent State University Special Collections and Archives.


Historic photos

Mormon sites[edit]

Although I have been to many sites of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints around the country, especially those dealing with LDS history, most didn't need a public domain image. A few of the ones here in Ohio did, so I took the liberty of adding them!

Portage County, Ohio[edit]

I've taken several photos in the surrounding areas of Portage County. In addition to the Kent listings on the National Register of Historic Places, I have also taken several pictures of other listings in the county for the chart that lists all the sites.

Other places[edit]

This is for pictures I have uploaded for places outside Kent and Portage County. Many are of schools and sports facilities I visit.

Maps I have created[edit]

Most of these maps I have created were done using Photoshop 7. Most were location maps for the individual townships, cities, and villages of Portage County, with one a crop of a larger public domain image.

Other image files I have created[edit]

These were made to be part of two templates I created for retired numbers at Kent State University. See Template: Kent State Golden Flashes football retired numbers and Template: Kent State Golden Flashes men's basketball retired numbers.

Fair-use images and other logos[edit]

In addition to the logos mentioned in earlier sections, I have uploaded additional copyrighted logos and photos, used under Fair-use. In many cases I upload them so that a higher quality PNG or SVG file exists. Some are not actually copyrighted:

Pictures I have edited[edit]

Occasionally I will find pictures that are good, but could use some cropping because of excess sky or ground or need straightened. When possible, I ask the original uploader if they have a problem with me cropping and uploading the newer version.