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Waldir and me during Wikimania 2010.
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I am Jon Harald Søby. I’m a linguistics student at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway. I’m also one of the Wikimedia Stewards. My “home Wikipedia” is the Norwegian Wikipedia, where I normally write about languages, Tanzania, ISO 3166 and whatever comes to mind.

Where I’ve been[edit]

Locator map. Blue: countries I've been to, yellow: countries I'll be visiting in the near future.
Lived: Norway Tanzania
Weeks: Sweden Denmark Finland United Kingdom Republic of China (Taiwan) Egypt Argentina United States Rwanda South Africa
Days: France Estonia Italy Germany Belarus Switzerland Austria Slovakia Romania Poland Kenya Zambia Zimbabwe Israel Palestine Belgium Uganda Latvia Serbia Bulgaria Turkey The Democratic Republic of the Congo
Hours: Vatican City Thailand Czech Republic The Netherlands Brazil Liechtenstein Hungary Botswana Canada Burundi Ethiopia Saudi Arabia
Idea and layout stolen from Calton who took it from Guettarda who borrowed it from White Cat.

Municipalities I’ve lived in[edit]

Bold: Current

World Heritage Sites I've visited[edit]

Airports I’ve been in[edit]

Italic: Haven’t actually taken any planes from here, just been at the airport.

Airlines taken[edit]

Rapid transit systems I’ve taken[edit]

US states visited[edit]

  1. California California
  2. Virginia Virginia
Transit only
  1. Minnesota Minnesota
  2. New Jersey New Jersey

Stuff I’ve owned[edit]


Mobile phones[edit]

(years are approximations)


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