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Hello there! As you already know, my name is Jonas Vinther and I'm a young man from Denmark. I'm a perfectionist, natural competitor and also highly ambitious, facts which most of my Wikipedia friends probably concluded some time ago. I speak Danish of course, but also Swedish, Norwegian, German and English. That being said, I can only write Danish and English. Although being a native Dane, English is by far the language I speak and write best. I have great interest in Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany and World War II. Most of my edits are to articles related to either one of the three. I believe all history told from a non-neutral point of view is pointless which is one of the main reasons I'm a supporter of Wikipedia. Make no mistake, 99% of all Hitler-related documentaries, in particular those made by the BBC and ABC, is pure anti-fascists propaganda crap and should never considered anything else. In the words of one editor, "History is consensus of fact and probability. It is important to present it objectively and accurately". I'm currently very active, editing every single day with few exceptions and I enjoy helping out new users, although I rarely get to do so. I spent four years being a professional and acclaimed sleight of hand artist, performing on national television among other things, but left the industry in early 2014 as practicing eight hours a day became too much for me in the end. If you wish to see me doing some of my sleights click here or here, trust me it's worth your time! Since the start of 2015, I'm a successful self-employed window cleaner in my local hometown of Sabro. Lastly, if my attention is needed somewhere, ping me, otherwise I will not see it.


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