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Here is an article about a very odd country: I know this is kind of a rip-off of User:J.delanoy's thing but...

Motto: Unity is Strength युनिटि इस स्त्रेन्थ
Location of UST
Capital Lenzyn city
Largest city Lenzyn.
Other languages English, Zis, Ccki, Cromian, Catholica.
Government Federal Republic
Urinem Zostera
• Declared
October 31, 2007.
• Union Republic
December 31, 2008.
• Total
1,740 km2 (670 sq mi) (181)
• Water (%)
• Census
• Density
582/km2 (1,507.4/sq mi) (23)
GDP (PPP) 2008 estimate
• Total
$77,890 billion. (75th)
• Per capita
$ 77,890. (75th)
GDP (nominal) 2007 estimate
• Per capita
$ 5,000
HDI Increase 0.00
Error: Invalid HDI value · 18th
Currency Robtert (RT)
Time zone UST Standard Time (UTC+7:30)
• Summer (DST)
not observed (UTC+7:30)
Drives on the left
Calling code 135
Internet TLD .ustint

United State Territories A.K.A UST is a Union Republic situated in the south Atlantic Ocean. The country was formed on October 31, 2007 with the breaking up of the Capitalist Government in South Africa, England, India, Denmark,Canada,Vietnam and Russia. The people from these countries migrated to a new land and formed 17 USTs on the basis of their culture. The 17 USTs are mostly different from each other but some are related. UST has formed its own new government known as the-Soveriegn Socalist Secular Union Republic which is ruled by the people of UST. The total land area of UST is 1,740 Km2 with a total population of 101,323. The UST is going to adopt its new government on December 31, 2008.
Set in the Atlantic Ocean, UST is bounded by water on all the sides which verifes that UST is an island. Lenzyn is the capital as well as the largest city in the UST. Benzan is the largest territory whereas LENZYN T. is the smallest. Mt. Headbug(6,190m) is the highest peak in this land. UST considers 5 official languages whereas 3 official religion-Christianity, Hinduism and a new religion formed by the people of UST-Papalanity. The country's economy is mainly based on Public Sector as it is ruled by the people. UST has a literacy of 89.72% pople educated. The eastern side of the country is mostly developing with some poverty whereas the central side is highly developed.
UST has been regarded as the United Island of the World. The country's HDI is moderate whereas its economy is ranked as 16th in the world.


During the last five years, the peasants, merchants, architects and many working people suffered high inequality. These people demanded their rights from their respective countries but their countries denied it. Some of the people protested against the government but their efforts were not successful and they were jailed. On January 21, 2007 in Durban in South Africa, the people of Papalan community protested against the government of Papal in SA but they were denied. This situation was the same in many countries. These people migrated to a new land and formed a new Union Republic-THE UST on October 31,2007. The new UST government will be formed on December 31, 2008.