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Jonathan Deamer
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Me at the the Charlie Brown exhibition at Somerset House, London (November 2018)
Me at the the Charlie Brown exhibition at Somerset House, London (November 2018)
Current locationLondon, England
Personality typeINTJ
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Emailfull name at gmail
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Articles/pages I've started[edit]

Favourite images I've contributed[edit]

Sporadic journal[edit]

January 2021[edit]

I'm taking part in a writing challenge, Ship 30 for 30, where we write and publish thirty "atomic essays" in as many days. Today's is about WP:AGF as a maxim to live by.

25th December 2020[edit]

Merry Christmas Wikipedia! My gift to you is uploading seventy-something photos I've taken over the past decade to Wikimedia Commons.

December 2013[edit]

Like most geeks, I've been following crypto and privacy related topics recently because of all that Snowden stuff. Where the Venn diagram of my interests in Wikipedia and Tor overlap, I've written a fairly detailed post on Stack Exchange answering the question "Why can't I link to .onion domains from Wikipedia?". I spent an hour poking around, learning a bit more about the workings of Wikipedia policies, spam blacklists and similar, and thought my findings might be useful to others. (The issue arose when I was editing the assassination market article after this very interesting Forbes article.)

February 2012[edit]

Well, I'm still here, making the occasional tweak. But today I contributed slightly more than a tweak, creating a page for charity Bradbury Fields. This is only the second page I've ever created - my first was Sentric Music in 2008 under a long-lost and mostly-unused-anyway account.

May 2009[edit]

Been making edits (mainly because I'm a grammar fiend and an indie-rock nerd) for a while now; thought it probably best that I have an account so I'm, um, accountable for these edits.