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Welcome, and thanks for contributing to Wikipedia. Wikipedia lets me learn about and contribute to articles about two of my big interests: evolution and the historical Jesus.

Formerly editing as "Leadwind."

Evolution and Grandmother Fish[edit]

Evolution is the awe-inspiring story of how we and all living things on earth came to be. Inspired by my own daughter, I've written the first picture book to teach evolution to preschoolers: Grandmother Fish. It helps little children see their connection to the animals that came before us and the animals all around us. Daniel Dennett, Steven Pinker, and Jonathan Haidt all blurbed it. School Library Journal calls it “groundbreaking”. You can see more at The artist from Grandmother Fish and I also collaborated on an evolution game, Clades, and a version with dinosaurs, Clades: Prehistoric. They ship December 2017. I also sometimes blog about evolution and what it means for us to be humans (link).

Historical Jesus[edit]

We atheists have a bad habit of underestimating this man's importance, or even doubting his existence. As you might imagine, there's a lot of emotional resistance on WP to treating Jesus as a historical figure, not only from Christians but also from certain atheists. There's a lot of new, great, historical information about this prophet, but the new scholarship is going up against centuries of tradition. Jesus gets some coverage on my blog, too. Here are my Jesus posts. And remember, edit unto others as you would have others edit unto you.

Friendly atheism[edit]

We atheists could stand to be nicer and more self-aware, especially when it comes to religion.


Although I'm a professional game designer, I don't work much on game articles here on WP. You can read about my games on my WP page.

Find me online[edit]

If you like evolution, historical Jesus, secularism or geeky tabletop games, you might want to find me online.

Happy editing!