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Joner Cyrre Worm[edit]

pt Este usuário/utilizador tem como língua nativa o português.
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Computer programmer and systems administrator, born in 1963 in pt:Porto Alegre, pt:Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Free Software advocate, specially for GNU/Linux, of which is a Linux Counter registered user, is a GNU/Linux professional with a LPIC Level 2 certificate issued by Linux Professional Institute.

Developer of Ingres-utility CPAN modules that interface with guess what.

Works as a volunteer translator for, LPI, and CAcert.

Fully qualified notary for CAcert's Web of Trust, entitled to give maximum assurance points. Once you get your id assured, you will be able to obtain CACert's free client and server SSL certificates, signed PGP keys, etc. Ask me through CAcert's contact form (must sign-in).

Wikipedian since november 2005, has made the following contributions to WP:PT

Veja esta página em português Brazil.

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