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Literature and the arts[edit]

There is a flourishing literary and arts scene in Stroud and its valleys.

Fine art and Scuplture[edit]

In the past ten years something of an arts renaissance has happened in Stroud, in part inspired by the Stroud Valleys Artspace initiatives, which provides an annual "Open Studio" trail throughout the valleys which brings visitors and the national press;

Head of Music[edit]

Disamb : Not to be confused with Head of Music School, Head of Music and Media, or Head (music)

A Head of Music is a teacher who is responsible for curriculum and extra curricular music in a school or further education institution. They may also be called Director of Music.


Head of Expressive and Performing Arts

Words of wisdom from our leader[edit]

Let me make my point more clear: arguments about what we ought to [do] if someone really starts to abuse wikipedia with thousands and thousands of trivial articles do not prove that we ought to delete any and every article that's too trivial today.

Put another way: if someone wants to write an article about their high school, we should relax and accomodate them, even if we wish they wouldn't do it. And that's true *even if* we should react differently if someone comes in and starts mass-adding articles on every high school in the world.

Let me make this more concrete. Let's say I start writing an article about my high school, Randolph School, of Huntsville, Alabama. I could write a decent 2 page article about it, citing information that can easily be verified by anyone who visits their website.

Then I think people should relax and accomodate [sic] me. It isn't hurting anything. It'd be a good article, I'm a good contributor, and so cutting me some slack is a very reasonable thing to do.

That's true *even if* we'd react differently to a ton of one-liners mass-imported saying nothing more than "Randolph School is a private school in Huntsville, Alabama, US" and "Indian Springs is a private school in Birmingham, Alabama, US" and on and on and on, ad nauseum.

The argument "what if someone did this particular thing 100,000 times" is not a valid argument against letting them do it a few times.

--Jimbo (dated November 7, 2003[1])

Playtime (UK)
Created by Rediffusion London
Theme music composer Glyn Hale
Country of origin  United Kingdom
No. of episodes approx. 300
Running time 15 minutes
Original network ITV
Original release Monday, 26th September 1966 – March 1968

From September 1966 PLAYTIME Presented by Gwyneth Surdivell and Jennifer Naden. Gwyneth and Jenny invite you to join in the dancing, singing, games and painting in their magic park. Music by Glyn Hale. Designer Jim Nicholson. First Transmitted 26th September, 1966.